Phew! I need to really catch up. Well after Anders Ice Kilometer at Donner Lake, we flew to Ireland for an Ice Mile Attempt. Wouldn’t you know it! The water was too warm! It’s really unimaginable to most people to say the water he was swimming in was too warm because it was 43 degrees, but it has to be under 41. Anyway, he swam his mile and we had fun in Ireland. We came home to realize that my Travel job was not renewing in San Francisco and we had to find a plan B. I quickly found a permanent position in Monterey, CA. Within 2 weeks, we were apartment hunting, packing, and moving into our new place. Anders was able to continue his training at Del Monte Beach and Lovers Point for a Catalina Swim in August. NOPE! Cancelled due to COVID. So what now?

Tre Kronor (Three Crowns)

Round Trip Alcatraz-August 12 This swim went well. His track was near perfect and his nutrition went great thanks to his Hammer Nutrition. The weather was great and very little wind.

Round Trip Treasure Island-September 11

Round Trip Angel Island-October TBD

Stay tuned…

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