June-August 2018

I completed my 6 hour English Channel Qualifier Swim just before our wedding, which was a weight lifted and allowed me to relax a bit for the big day. 6 hourMy bride decided she would still marry me even after I walked out onto the beach dressed as a Viking. The wedding was beautiful and took place at an undisclosed location in San Francisco overlooking the beautiful bay that we swim in everyday.

Then the honeymoon, where we stayed in the Ice Hotel for 2 nights. I went for a swim in the Torne River, and we threw in some white water rafting and the Midnight Sun just for fun. Then we were off again to Ludvika for some swimming with an Ocean 7 Swimmer Anna Carin Nordin in my hometown, and some fun swimming in a small lake near my father’s home with my wife. I got to visit with my family and have a nice dinner to celebrate our wedding. We then took the train to Stockholm. We of course stayed in a hostel on the water and got to see all the sights. it was a lot of fun, but a lot of walking. I really prefer swimming, because that doesn’t make my feet hurt so much 🙂

Upon returning to San Francisco, I was all business. Training and building. Working towards my English Channel attempt. Amy kayaked for me every weekend for hours while I swam, no matter the weather. We both had a goal. Mine was to swim across the English Channel and hers was to make sure I succeeded. IMG_3299 More to come…

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