I know it has been quite a while since I have published a blog, but things have been a bit crazy. I have relocated to San Francisco, CA. My girlfriend Amy and I packed up a Mazda 3 with our Boxer Ran and spent 15 days car camping across the country. Met and swam with some great people along the way. It was the start of a great adventure, which has continued since we have settled here in California. I have coached Amy who has become a great training partner and kayaker/crew for my long swims that can happen as often as I like in the waters of the San Francisco Bay. Somewhere in there Amy swam from Alcatraz and on that day, she became my fiancé. I am letting her handle the wedding planning (just kidding-I’m helping too), because I have my sights set on France. I am networking with swimmers that have completed English Channel, Cooke Strait, Around Manhattan, Catalina crossings, Width and length of Lake Tahoe, and numerous other swims around the world. The knowledge and training advice is invaluable. My training is intensifying and distance is building. More to come…


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